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Feb 24, 2011

Best time in my life

This post talks of one of the best times I have had in my life.

Infosys Mysore: I must say that these were definitely some of the best days of my life. I remember the day when I entered the Infy campus in Mysore for the first time on 21st August 2006, confused and scared.It was a day of firsts.First job,first time away from home,first time away from parents. I felt my head reeling when my family left me in the campus and headed back to Bangalore. Slowly but steadily I brought myself to calm by saying that I will be seeing them every week. I will be going back to Bangalore every weekend. There are others in the same position as me. And Bangalore is after all just 3 hrs away. I can call my parents any-time. Thus started the journey of my training for 3.5 months or so. I must make a mention of my friend who had already taken up such a training in Mysore campus. Her assurance of the safety in campus helped my family in deciding to allow my stay in Mysore.

I met my room mate on the first day. She was from Kerala.She was very understanding and very hard working. Thank God for that. I have heard of many disastrous stories due to misunderstanding between room mates in the hostel. I would be the first to wake up. Take a bath. Run to get some breakfast. Head to the GEC (Global Education Centre) for the training. Lunch breaks were usually short. All of us would rush to the food courts. Half the time would pass in waiting in the queue to get a token :) 10- 15 min to search for the chairs to sit and the rest 15 -20 min to finish the lunch. Once done, we would go back to the training process. Most of the time post lunch we would be given time to start working on assignments which we had to submit on a daily basis. Each one of us would be working seriously on it and lo.. suddenly there would be a multi cast message on the computer screen from some student in the batch. It would be a joke or a question or sometimes some funny message :) Refreshing.. You can literally see the class in a buzz. I have to mention the special episodes of the coffee mugs before I forget. Each of us was given a coffee mug. These things were really very slippery. Every time someone breaks it (which by the way would happen every day), the whole class will give a round of applause since it would cost the person a solid 50 bucks :) Few shy people like me would just laugh while the others clap. Dinner times were better. We could have dinner at leisure. There was no need to hurry. Friends would meet and gossip. Gossip here does not mean a gossip that included others. It was mostly a session of pulling legs among ourselves. Depending on the amount of assignment work we would either head back to GEC or back to our rooms. And then there were days when everyone would be slogging hard for the model exams. Scary and tricky ones. But all of us were travelling in the same boat. We would help each other in difficulties and have fun doing it.

If things went wrong I would feel low. I would then call up home, speak to mom and dad. But the cutest thing that would make me confident and happy was speaking to my sweet little niece. No matter what kind of failure I might become, her love for me would not change. Thinking of this made me more confident of the coming times.

I loved those days because they taught me that:
You may not be successful on all days
Getting success does not give you a license to act smart
No matter what,learn to enjoy the process
Parents are always by our side to help
Friends are very important part of our lives,they make it colourful
Its important to spend time for yourself
Self help is the best help - This is something that I have not learnt fully :(

Fridays were special for us Bangaloreans. There would be an unrest among us when the clock stuck 4.30 p.m. We would wait for it to tick 5.00 p.m. so that we could rush to the room and get our baggage and get going. With all the hurry we would reach the campus gate and wait for the bus to take us to the station. Once we get into the bus to Bangalore, we would play games or sing or talk loudly amongst ourselves and pass the time until we reached Bangalore. Dad would be waiting for me in the night in Majestic to take me back home :)
The rest of the folks who couldn't travel home on weekends would stay back and go on sight seeing. It helped them bond well.

Our journey in Mysore had to come to an end after clearing our exams. Time for us to join the Bangalore office.
All of us ( I think a gang of 23, not sure of it now) joined the same department. It was like college all the time. Fun and happiness everywhere.Never felt out of place with my friends around. The journey in Infy Bangalore was a beautiful one too. Well, its a good topic for my next blog :)

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