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Oct 3, 2010

Miles apart

Destiny has driven us miles apart
Till death our souls will never depart
There is still immense love and affection
That makes us see beyond our imperfection

we decided that we stay as friends
and threw any other connection outside the fence
you filled the gap by being a sister
of course, we have had times that were bitter

People around us wonder
how we beat each other in being kinder
Well, all they have to do is ponder
and, they'll know with each passing day
we find each other fonder


  1. I m just on one week vacation...adhuku poi ipdi laam feel pannuviya....enakku ore vekkama iruku po :D

  2. Ha ha. Wish I had you in mind while writing this. But no, its not for you :)

  3. When i read 1st 4 lines i thought it was for ur hubby...then the poem took a twist.. :-)
    nice one..

  4. Good one, here goes a round of applause to your poem and who so ever was your inspiration @ the time of writing this.