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Dec 12, 2011

Don't judge the book by its cover

Guzaarish.....directed by Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the movie was rubbished by critics and was not doing well in the box office. As with many other people, I too went ahead to conclude that the movie must be boring.But, when I did watch the movie, I realised that the movie did not get the recognition that it deserved. Once again I reminded myself that "All that is good may not be successful and all that is successful, need not be good".The movie touched me in a way that is inexplicable.

The pro's and con's of Euthanasia are both correct and valid in their own contexts. The debate of which one of these should win over the other would lead to a intense argument. It is too difficult to judge the right and wrong in these cases and one that I am in no position to do too. However, the story in the movie was brilliantly executed and the protagonist was fully justified in wanting to end his life. The scene where the rain droplets start dripping on the paralysed person and he is unable to get help, made me sad. There are umpteen number of such cases that we could see in similar situations. It reminded me of the 89 dead people in the ill-fated Kolkatta hospital who must have been in a similar state. Hrithik is a magnificent actor. The only part of the movie that I did not like was Mrs. Bachchan. I could not fathom the role of a modest nurse being played by the high handed World beauty. She was too melodramatic or should I just say dramatic. The rest of the movie was great. Such a respite from movies that make money with mindless comedies and foolish romance subjects.Of course, I would not be able to sit through another couple of hours to watch the movie over again but don't regret watching it once.
On the whole : good movie, interesting subject, well thought out storyline, brilliant performances by the actors, worth a watch.Thank you Mr. Bhansali for taking up such a daring subject and exceuting the project so well. Well Done!

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