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Jun 26, 2011

Beans - peanut fry

I wanted to try something new with beans other than the normal "onion + tomato + chilli powder + beans" fry. Hence Made my mind to check the beans and peanuts combo. I must say it tasted good.This dish will be a super-hit with curd rice.

Beans - thinly sliced (cooks faster)
Onion- quarter
Cumin seeds
Red chillies

What to do:
1. Roast red chillies till they get slightly heated.Dry roast few peanuts and remove the skin. Keep it aside to cool
2. Heat oil in a wok. Add few cumin seeds
3. Add onion and garlic. Fry till onion turns transparent
4. Add beans and salt. Sprinkle some water and close it with a lid and allow it to cook
5. Meanwhile, grind the roasted peanuts and red chillies into a powder
6. Once the beans is more than a half cooked, add the peanut powder and mix well
7. Top the dish with coriander leaves

Dish will go well with sambar, chapati or curd rice.
I am going to go back and wait for my husband's verdict :)

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